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Are German articles overwhelming?

What is the correct article? How do native German speakers get it right every time? More importantly, how can you get it right everytime?

In our cheatsheet, you’ll learn how to spot the right article and also get helpful tips to navigate through the German article chaos. 

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This PDF is perfect for you if ...

… you’re clueless about which article and which noun go together.

… you’ve been told that you’ve used the wrong article… AGAIN

… you want to speak and write without the shackles.

Some offers are a sales-pitch. Ours is a learn-pitch

We don’t sell, till you don’t start learning.


Hi, I am Miriam! - Your German teacher

I run Linguva, a school where I and other native German teachers help you make sense of the German language and learn it in a way that works for you.

I know that almost everyone who learns German has difficulties with the complicated articles we use, and I know that this cheatsheet is a great first-step towards freedom, and speaking fluently.

Over 50,000 German learners are part of the Linguva community, and we have helped hundreds of students learn German – right from the A1 level, all the way till the C2 level. It’s now your turn to get started. If you need any help along the way –
we’re happy to guide you.

In our 0€ Cheatsheet we have summarized useful rules and helpful tips about German articles for you .

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Mockup Cheatsheet

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