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Doctor visits in Germany can be stress-free!

Just read threw our new guide!

Feeling frustrated due to language barriers at the doctor’s? You’re not alone!

Many German learners struggle to communicate in medical settings.😰 Going to the doctor is not easy and not knowing the language can make things much tougher.

But don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! 🚀

In our guide, you’ll learn 50+ essential phrases and vocabulary tailored specifically for beginners, designed to help you breeze through medical conversations with confidence! 💪

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This PDF is perfect for you if ...

… you’re feeling lost in medical conversations in German.

… you run out of words and don’t now what to say when talking to the doctor

… you want to master doctor visits in Germany without language barriers

Some offers are a sales-pitch. Ours is a learn-pitch

We don’t sell, till you don’t start learning.


Hi, I am Miriam! - Your German teacher

I run Linguva, a school where I and other native German teachers help you make sense of the German language and learn it in a way that works for you.

I know that many German learners struggle to communicate in medical settings. And I know that this guide is a great first-step towards mastering doctor visits in Germany.

Over 55,000 German learners are part of the Linguva community, and we have helped hundreds of students learn German – right from the A1 level, all the way till the C2 level. It’s now your turn to get started. If you need any help along the way –
we’re happy to guide you.

In our 0€ Guide we have summarized 50+ helpful phrases and vocabularies for medical conversations for you.

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