Your trial lesson with Linguva

For just 1€ you (and a learning partner) can experience learning German from our qualified native German teachers.

Wochentage für die Probestunde (Bitte gib alle Tage an, die für dich möglich sind) // Days for your class (please enter all possible days)
Uhrzeit für die Probestunde (Deutsche Uhrzeiten, Bitte gib alle Zeiten an, die für dich möglich sind) // Possible times for your class (German time zone)

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*Why pay for a trial lesson? It’s simple – we believe that anything that’s good is never free, especially if it’s a session with one of our specialist teachers. So why just the 1€? For us it isn’t even about the money here. It’s about respecting the time of a teacher who has honed their craft over many years. We love it when people show up, and unfortunately have seen a few people not make it after booking a session.

But don’t worry:

We’re so confident that you’ll like the class, that we’re willing to pay you back if you don’t like your trial class.